I enjoyed my experience in the GLC Farmstay because it is a completely new lifestyle and way of life for me. It is great to be outside so much and be part of real farm life. I learned a lot about almost everything like farming, hunting, harvesting, cooking, stuff for life and so on. - Marie-Louise F

My greatest adventures?  My week in Nunavut, spending time with an Inuit family.  Also, visiting every parliament builing in Canada (Federal, Provincial, Territorial) and experiencing the variety of nature in a single country. 

Life lessons?  How far you can get with little money. How you can organise your life well and split your times between work and holiday.  Marcus M., Germany

In his home country, Bryan volunteers with a hospital radio, writing articles for their magazine and presenting a request show called "Sunday Brunch." In his day job, he is a case worker/community warden.  While in Victoria, Bryan had the opportunity to get involved with the radio station at a local university as well as living with a host family.  GLC enjoys coordinating projects for participants with various backgrounds and social interests - Bryan, UK 

I had a remarkable time working at a hotel in Canada.  There was a lot of opportunities for meet people from all over the world.  My co-workers were friendly and I enjoyed the work.  Through this, I learned many things, such as business manner, importance of respecting different cultures and so on.  If GLC had not helped me, I could not have had such a great experience.  I was totally satisfied with the support from GLC.  - Kengo, Japan

I had the best time of my life on the Work & Travel Program in Victoria.  Thanks to Global Lifestyles, I could get into a more comfortable position in this new city.  They never let me down, and for this kind of experience, the support helps a lot!   I worked in a local pizza shop, and lived with a host family.  Canadian people are just awesome, and I enjoyed sharing my time and life with them.  I really grew thanks to my trip to Canada.  I'll be thankful for a long time.  - Melissa, Belgium