The GLC vision is to promote social development through language study, practical experiences and community involvement. 

Since 2002, Global Lifestyles Canada has gained a reputation for customized programs that bridge traditional, classroom learning with practical experiences in the following fields:
·            Social Service
·            Nature & Environment·
·            Fine Arts and Culture
·            Education
·            Health & Recreation 
GLC has welcomed over 3,500 participants to Canada from Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the UK.
The GLC Team:
Daniel Budgell
Daniel spent most of his childhood in Toronto and Kyoto, raised by a multicultural family. He has called Vancouver home for the last 10 years and enjoys welcoming travelers to Canada because it reminds him of his many trips across the world. Since graduating from the University of British Columbia with a BSc in Biology he has project managed for many companies, often working in Africa and Asia. As the farmstay program coordinator he pays extra attention when recruiting farms and is sensitive to the needs of both volunteers and farmers. On the weekends he tries to go hiking and camping as much as possible.

Paula Jamieson

Paula has been involved with international programs since the mid 1980s. In this time, she has lived in various parts of Canada, Japan and the United States, as well as travelling extensively through South East Asia, North and Central America, Europe and Morrocco.  Paula's other interests are reading, hiking and scuba diving.

As the founding director of Global Lifestyles, Paula draws upon her own work and travel experiences, while staying on top of the most current trends in international program design and development.